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5 Most Popular Words Ever Used By Nigerians In 2016 (funny) By Choiszman

​WORD a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed. In other words, it is inevitable for humans to portray meanings through sounds without using or combining words. In Nigeria today, can’t help but notice that some ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Tekno’s ‘Cassava’ Wasn’t So Disappointing By Choiszman 

​It is no news now that for quite some time now, the pool picture of the picture of popular pop singer Teckno have gotten more than the predictable attention from adoring female fans. This would not have been a trending issue if he had not advertise that he had a big cassava in his hit song “Pana”. The pool picture ... Read More »