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5 Most Popular Words Ever Used By Nigerians In 2016 (funny) By Choiszman

5 Most Popular Words Ever Used By Nigerians In 2016 (funny) By Choiszman

​WORD a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed. In other words, it is inevitable for humans to portray meanings through sounds without using or combining words.
In Nigeria today, can’t help but notice that some words constantly come into the fray such that they’ve held even stronger meaning than they naturally would have and are mostly used to portray anger, fear, Immorality or probably a safe to escape your neighbor’s uncontrollable habits of borrowing.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most commonly used words by Nigeria in year 2016.
1. BUHARI: Let’s begin with the most popular of them all, considering the fact the ever since the present head of state P.M.B had resumed office, lots of huge blows had been thrown at his reign as president.
Putting this article together presently, I just overheard an angry fellow chanting BUHARI. If you have doubts that the word portrays anger, it’s simple, just pick the closest bus stop then chant “Change”…contact me if you survive.
2. CHANGE: Personally, I was one of the chanters of this word, strongly because I felt we need it. Mind you, no one knows tomorrow, so I personally selected this word because my guts tells me that you chanted it as well.
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3. CUCUMBER: Considering the recent Miss Anambra scandal that has been trending in all social platforms, the previous know cucumber has been tagged one of the most popular fruit in Nigeria today. Yeah! I said it “Fruit” although, I don’t know what your cucumber serve as to you.

4. RECESSION: As popular as this word is in Nigeria, many still do not know its meaning. Although it hurts me to say, Mama Kabiru says it because she heard people say it often. Nonetheless, I’m a very generous writer, I will take my time to enlighten my readers RECESSION is a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters. Mind you, this word is often used in Nigeria because, that is the state’s current situation.
5. DOLLAR: My favorite. It is no news that the current state of the country has brought a huge decline in Naira rate which is 0.0032 US Dollar. The naira to dollar exchange rate though pegging at an official rate of N304 per 1$ but considering black-market it is N407 per 1$ and you say dollar shouldn’t be a popular word in Naija.
Presently, Papa Chinonso just came to lend some money from me, guess what my reply was??…

So now you see clearly that these words were carefully selected with deep research and observations. nike air max trainers

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