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5 Reasons Why Tekno’s ‘Cassava’ Wasn’t So Disappointing By Choiszman 

5 Reasons Why Tekno’s ‘Cassava’ Wasn’t So Disappointing By Choiszman 

​It is no news now that for quite some time now, the pool picture of the picture of popular pop singer Teckno have gotten more than the predictable attention from adoring female fans. This would not have been a trending issue if he had not advertise that he had a big cassava in his hit song “Pana”.
The pool picture was a bit of a shocker to fans who were expecting to see a horsed sized looking “Cassava”. Probably, something definitely went wrong and that, I am writing to prove.
Below are five reasons why Tekno’s Cassava wasn’t so disappointing:
1. Poor camera Angle: Owing to the poor skill of the photographer, maybe the best angle to showcase the full glory of his cassava was not caught. This we know because everything is just camera, and if you have not seen it yourself in its full size, who are you to judge?
2. The Swimming Trunk: Basically, I believe the swimming trunk he’s putting on is very tight and there is a 100% tendency that the “Cassava’s” full glory wasn’t materializing. This I know for sure because I am a man just like him.
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3. The Water: Cold water also tends to shrink the size of the male organ, I mean come on! He was just in a pool. You don’t expect his cassava to be charging anyhow when harmattan cold made his cassava shape-shift into a carrot. It’s just not fair.
4. Photo Filters: People, you all know what age of technology we are in presently. I mean, there is absolutely nothing filters can correct, add or erase from pictures these days. So my best guess would be that, he probably use one that reduced the size of his “Cassava”.
5. No Female Presence: Why exactly would a grow man that likes “Woman”, who is actually just hanging out with his buddies allow his “Cassava” to showcase it’s talent. Am sure if you are a dude like me, you would understand the message am trying to pass on.
So you see? Tekno’s Cassava is a victim of circumstance and should not be blamed for our high expectations. air max 95

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